I posted an amusing quote on my marshaboyle.com.au Facebook page this morning, it read, “On a scale of one to ten, how focused are you? Banana”

I’m sure we all agree that this time of year is just crazy for everyone and some days this pretty much sums our level of focus right now. There are so many things to think about with work winding up, functions to attend, things to organise, not to mention the big man in red coming to town.

Are you like me, are you a ‘To Do’ list person, do you make lists for everything so you know what needs to get done? Do you make a list at the start of each day or each week of all the things you have to get done or want to achieve?

If this sounds like you, then you are a task-focused person who likes to achieve and tick things off your list. You are also just the person I want to have a bit of fun with, I want you to challenge your mind, your thoughts and your focus and try this exercise, I want you to write a ‘Not To Do List’ for the next week.

Make a list of things that you won’t do this week, for example:

1. I won’t be late picking up the kids because I get caught in Wednesday’s meeting.
2. I won’t put off wrapping Christmas gifts and leave it to the last minute so it causes me stress.
3. I won’t argue with the kids this week about their chores.
4. I won’t leave the filling sitting on my desk until the new year.

And there it is, your list for this week! Tick each think off as you achieve it! Please share with me how different your week turns out and what effects following your ‘Not to Do’ list had on you, your life and your stress levels!

Thank you for all of your support in 2014, it’s been an amazing ride! Here are cheers to a fun and safe holiday season. I hope Santa is kind to you all! I look forward to an awesome 2015 with you all!

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