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“She will save you time and money, every business needs
a Marsha!”

Aimee Engelmann
TLS Marketing

Marsha’s overarching belief is that surrounding yourself with the right people, rather than going it alone, is the difference between surviving and thriving.

Working with Marsha as your business coach & mentor, businesses and individuals learn leadership, management, communication, and business skills which will set them on the path to success.


Peta Moore

Nectar Creative Communications

Business Coach & Mentor

Peta felt like she was on a treadmill with her business, constantly and relentlessly giving her all to her business but getting nowhere. When she started to question her abilities and her passion for her industry started to wane, she knew it was time to call in some expert help.

Over the space of a year, Marsha worked closely with Peta to turn things around. First and foremost, they put a plan in place to get the business out of debt. Once the business was back on an even keel, they worked together to define exactly what Peta wanted from her business and for the first time in a long time, she had the confidence to achieve it.

“For the first time in years, I enjoyed my EOFY visit to the accountant, and he was so impressed with the turnaround. Marsha has helped me focus and look at my business with renewed enthusiasm.... I still have a way to go, but feel supported and therefore confident that I will keep improving and growing. I am truly grateful.”

Peta MooreNectar Creative Communications

I can highly recommend the service and encourage any business owner not to starve your business and look for the tools to enable you to grow of which Marsha Boyle delivers and delivers well.

Michael JacksonLess Stress Computer Services

Jamie Hunter

Fitstrong Brisbane

Business Coach & Mentor

When Jamie came to Marsha, he was frustrated that he couldn’t ‘see the wood for the trees’ in his personal training business.

After just six weeks of working together, Jamie realised that he was pitching his marketing at his industry instead of his ideal client. This small change in tactic suddenly saw his client base grow exponentially.

“As a passionate personal trainer, I realised that I had to be a business owner as well to succeed... Very quickly Marsha helped me clarify my best prospective customers and helped me to strategise my marketing plans, how to communicate effectively with my customers as well as clearly set out my goals for my business and family life. I am sincerely grateful.”

Jamie HunterFitstrong Brisbane

Marsha was able to effectively help me to determine my personal and professional goals and to transition with confidence into the next stage of business. I'm looking forward to working with Marsha again in the near future and to my next stage of growth.

Lulu PurnellI Heart Brownies

Kristina Petho

Northlakes And Surrounds Electrical

Business Coach & Mentor

Kristina and her husband met with Marsha to get help regaining their work-life balance. Running a successful and growing business whilst juggling home life and raising young children is something Marsha has had personal experience with so was perfectly placed to help.

Marsha was able to give Kristina and her husband the coaching and mentoring as well as practical and simple solutions they needed to get back to a healthy balance between their business and personal lives.

“Marsha empathised with our situation and has given us many tools and tips to implement into our business and personal lives to regain the balance we need.”

Kristina PethoNorthlakes And Surrounds Electrical

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