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An experienced and engaging speaker, Marsha is available for speaking engagements and keynote presentations.

With close to 20 years experience running successful small businesses as well as coaching and mentoring other small business owners to success, Marsha’s expertise makes for engaging and insightful presentations on all aspects of small business.

Business Coach & Mentor

Success Through

Some of the world’s most successful people are those that are clear on what makes them happy and align themselves to it. It’s no accident that they’re also some of the happiest people alive.

So many small business owners tie their sense of self and their ideas of success and achievement to their career or job. Marsha pulls this notion apart to reveal that true success – and happiness – comes fundamentally from knowing yourself, your innate skills and unique talents.

This presentation challenges you to embrace the ancient Greek maxim ‘know thyself’ and become more aware of what you can do to compliment your skills and work to your strengths.


Practical Productivity Solutions

Designed for audiences who want practical and real productivity solutions.

  • Do you want to get the important things done every day?
  • Are you frustrated that you are busy, but not making a dent in your workload?
  • Do you wonder where the time goes and often feel overwhelmed?

Marsha shows you how to organise yourself so that you are more efficient and effective, by taking into account your way of thinking and what motivates you to complete tasks. Being organised depends largely on clear thinking around why you are doing something, what needs to be done and in what timeframe. Organise your thought process and the ability to organise your digital, electronic and physical processes will come naturally from that.

Business Coach & Mentor
Business Coach & Mentor

Big Picture Business Planning

How often do you review your mission, vision, and business objectives to ensure that you’re stil on the right track? Are your strategies and plans aligned with your long-term goals and ‘big picture’?

If you think that consolidation is only something you do at the end of a set of activities or goals then you’re missing out on the full power of this important tool. When you evaluate outcomes during the planning stage you will arm yourself with crucial knowledge that helps you and your business succeed.

“We are so delighted with the results that we have asked Marsha to work with our team on a regular basis to ensure we continually improve our systems and can run a more profitable and efficient business.”

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