Small Business Workshops

A collection of expertly delivered workshops packed with insights and solutions to help grow your business.

Marsha’s half-day workshops are designed to equip you and your team with the skills and tools you need to run a simplified, profitable and sustainable business.

Her extensive career as a successful small business owner, business consultant and accredited coach and mentor have given her the hands-on experience and know-how to deliver engaging and invaluable workshops to help your small business succeed.

Workshops are delivered in-house as a half day experiential workshop to small groups and teams.


Empowering you for success

This workshop is designed to assist you to align your vision and mission with your purpose and your business goals. We will explore various ways to assist you to experience better results faster with fewer resources, improve your habits for better efficiency and overall productivity, improve your business relationships and create a healthy work/life balance.

Business Coach & Mentor
Business Coach & Mentor

Focus on how you work,
not what you work on

This workshop is designed to teach you the skills you need to manage your time more effectively and be more productive at work.

Together we will explore your own personal productivity and time management limitations, before learning some practical tools for organising yourself and your business; sharing how to plan and prioritise effectively and discovering how to stay focused on high priority activities.


Consolidate to succeed

This workshop explores the benefits of consolidating your plans with effective strategies to facilitate the good management practice.

We’ll look not only at the day-to-day activities of your organisation or project but also the ‘big picture’ of what you are doing, where you are going and why. This type of consolidation and strategic planning gives you clarity about what you actually want to achieve and how to go about achieving it, rather than focussing just on a plan of action for day-to-day operations.

Business Coach & Mentor

“Working in and for small business has given Marsha insight into the challenges we face on a daily basis. Marsha uses her great listening skills to help business owners uncover what processes and procedures are required to help the business offer a better experience for their customers and clients.”

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