It might sound obvious, but your brain works best when you allow it to focus. According to the 2013 Gensler Workplace Survey, 53% of us are regularly disturbed by others when trying to focus and studies show that it then takes us 10 to 15 minutes to regain concentration after a distraction. Unnecessary distractions can throw your productivity right out the window and essentially end up costing your business money. I have designed some other awesome things I’m saving as a surprise, stay tuned for that stuff!

Lack of focus is like taking the rubbish to the wheelie bin one article at a time. It’s more effective to fill a bag and take a load.

To give yourself a better chance of focus you need to consider many things including;

-your work environment,
-your ‘peak performance’ times,
-your schedule,
-and your priorities.

Learn to shut out your distractions, shut the door, turn off your social media, turn off your IM service (i.e. Google chat, Facebook chat, Skype etc), put your phone on silent and shut down your emails. The fewer distractions available to you the easier it is to concentrate on the task at hand.

Deal with your worries before you get to work, don’t bring them through the door and only focus on the task at hand.Take some time out to do a review of some of your most successful achievements, and break each one down. Reverse engineer it, start with the end and then work backwards to the very beginning of how the task/project started. Note the steps you took to achieve. Look at what your routine was like at the time, what distractions you had going on in your life, what was your relationship like with your loved ones/friends, how much time you dedicated to achieving it?

Find the common things that make you work most effectively and focus on making these things a way of life and how you operate!

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