Often when I speak with business owners they say to me, ‘I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do next’. We all get to the point where we know we have to do ‘something’. Whether it’s a change of personal circumstances, staff turnover, a shift in your target market or your products have changed. We’ve all experienced that niggling feeling that things need to change.

Why is change important?

In today’s ever-changing, fast-paced world, we need to move and grow with demands and trends.When it comes to business, finding new ways to innovate and to strategise are essential. According to The Hartford 2014 Small Business Success Study, a large number of small businesses feel that their business is operating successfully. However, even the most successful businesses have room to grow. At some point, every small business owner comes to that crossroad: “Are we going to stay small, or is it time to grow and take the business to the next level?”

Are you ready for growth?

Business growth takes a great deal of hard work, dedication, and motivation to achieve what you’re aiming for. Essentially, you are moving out of your comfort zone, and sometimes things can get a little tricky from there. Your strategies need to be ready in order to sustain the growth of your business, especially during tough times.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, here are 5 ways to help you achieve it…

1. Know why you are in business – and what makes your business unique.

If you don’t know why you are in business or what problem you solve for your customer, generating sales is going to be near impossible. Before you can begin to sell your product or service to anyone else, you have to sell yourself on it.

Very few businesses are one-of-a-kind. How many clothing retailers, hardware stores, air conditioning installers and electricians are competing with each other for the same customers? A clear and well- defined unique selling proposition (USP) helps you understand and communicate your edge over your competitors.

Make it easy for your customers to decide that your business deserves their time, money and trust. This can be a daunting process for customers that don’t have the experience to know what separates one competitor from another. Your job is to assist them by making your USP obvious, different and memorable. This way they can exactly see what your business has to offer that no one else does.

2. Focus on your customer’s journey.

To encourage loyalty and repeat business – which means regular, consistent revenue – you need to consider what it’s like to be a customer of your business.

  • Are you aware of your customer’s needs?
  • Are you meeting them in the delivery of your business products and/or services and processes?
  • What’s the level of service like for your customers?
  • Are you looking after them during each step of the journey?

Every interaction with your customer offers you the opportunity to strengthen the relationship between your business and your customer.

3. Keep up with Technology.

The advancement in technology is one thing that we need to focus on and continue investing in. Technology helps to increase productivity and allows for an increase in efficiency. Ideally, it has the potential to improve our company’s cash flow. Consider your business processes, systems, and methods you use every day to conduct business. Are they efficient? Look for new platforms and tools available that will help to streamline and innovate your business processes and planning.

4. Engage yourself in continuous learning and upgrade your skills.

Your success depends on your desire and your willingness to learn more about yourself. To increase your level of awareness of who you are, and more importantly, how your level of skill and awareness is affecting your business results. For you and your business to thrive, you need to have a desire to continually learn more about your staff, your customer, and your industry, not only yourself and the evolving business environment. If you are like me, the traditional classroom method of teaching doesn’t really suit you. Luckily for us, learning these days come in so many different forms, there is online training, workshops, conferences, mentoring, self-paced programs and combined opportunities. Reading and listening to podcasts are also other great resources for continuous learning.

5. Take action and turn your plans into reality.

Keep your plans active! Set yourself small tasks and goals, one at a time, which will help you towards making the change you want to make and ultimately achieve the outcome of the plan. Keep it simple. Change requires repetitive focused practice; and we do our best when our mind only has to focus on one thing. Focus on things that you want to achieve in the near future for you to remain inspired and motivated. Get a coach or an accountability buddy to ensure you keep moving forward and taking action.

So there you have it, are you ready to take your business to the next level! Take one or two of the items above and implement them today. Remember, plans are only as good as the action you take – your journey to take your business to the next level starts with you taking action. The sooner you take that first step towards your goals and dreams, the sooner you can make them a reality. Taking action is the basis for what living a great life is all about. After all, you don’t want to be someone who later in life thinks back and wonders what might have been.

I’d love the opportunity to support you in your business growth, if you want to find out more about what that would look like, book in a free 30 minute session with me so we can chat about taking your business to the next level.

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