To be successful, my advice would be to find a mentor or a coach who has a bigger vision for you than you have for yourself, and let them guide you!

A few weeks ago I decided to take the plunge and go back to training at the gym. Over the last two years, I’ve had my fair share of medical issues which has caused many disruptions to my business, my relationships, my plans, my goals and my routines. The downside is that my health and weight have fluctuated up and down over that time. As I believe the best results are achieved with a coach/mentor by your side, I decided to sign up with a PT 5 days a week to help me achieve my fitness goals.

My experiences at the end of week one include;

-Set my big goal
-Identified ways to measure the goal
-Set a plan of action to achieve the goal
-Locked in training times for the next few months
-Pulled out my food diary (old school pen and paper – not using my fav app eek!)
-Wrote menu plans
-Trained 5 days
-Cried in pain
-Walked in heels like it was the first time I’d worn them (thank you leg day)
-Struggled to get my shirt and bra off (thank you shoulder day)
-Sneezed and laughed in pain at the movies with friends (core day)

Upon reflection, I realised I’d completed my 5 P’s of Business Process EXACTLY the same way I do with my clients.


I researched the PT’s available at my gym and chose one based on my individual requirements (This poor body is pretty broken and full of injuries so I needed to choose carefully)


I picked my big goal and set out my plans to achieve it and identified the metrics for measuring my progress.


I set my training schedule to suit my mindset, my business, and my lifestyle.


I choose which PT package would be right for me, with the right level of commitment and accountability.


I identified early that the process had to include a PT, a food diary, a training schedule and commitment. This wasn’t going to work by pure chance.

During my reflection, I was humbled thinking about how all the emotions of the decision process, making the commitments and the pain I experienced (and continue to experience now) is also what all of my clients feel when we first start working together. Making change can be painful and scary because we have to expose what’s really going on in order to fix it.

One of the most important roles I perform as a business coach and mentor is to develop the person who I’m coaching. I do this by applying my knowledge, credibility, experience, and authority and develop a plan specifically for them and their business that helps them achieve their goals.

According to research conducted by the International Coach Federation, Professional coaching maximizes potential and, therefore, unlocks latent sources of productivity. Here’s what they found:

So, if you are ready to take responsibility for your success, set some new targets, improve your performance and effectiveness, develop your skills, increase your motivation and overall satisfaction and achieve better results, then take the necessary action and go and get yourself a mentor who can coach you to success.

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