Passion is like a light switch. When it is turned on it triggers a domino effect of other success
characteristics. In the past, our culture has had a way of reeling us into work that we don’t really enjoy. We take jobs based on an acquired skills set rather than how much we enjoy it. Our passion becomes our secondary afterthoughts to our jobs and making money. There are many ways to make money in this world. But what’s the point of going for success if you are not passionate about what you do? Our passion is one thing that drives us to work hard to achieve our goals in life. It makes us feel like we are not actually working every day!

Whilst being here on holidays in Bali I had a strange request from my son, “Mum, wanna come with me whilst I get a tattoo?” Whilst I wasn’t jumping for joy, of course, I said yes. It was an entertaining experience, to say the least, we walked into the tattoo parlour to find everyone asleep. We said “hello” and the owner woke up with a surprise and started laughing at his shock reaction. He explained that his team had been working until 4:30 am (apparently a popular time in Bali for tattoos). The owner did the right thing by us as the customers after discussing the design asking us to return in an hour. Upon returning to his business, I studied the photos on his wall, which were not typical of a tattoo parlour in Australia. There were loving photos of the home and his pregnant wife, his team having fun and of his father, a Hindu priest. I asked him about his team, his father and his business (can’t help the inquisitive business coach in me).

We chatted about his father and the conversations he had with him growing up, he told me that his father once told him that success in business wouldn’t be measured by the money he made, but instead of the number of staff he had and the families he provided for. Wow, what a wise man his father is. This fully tattooed man was not driven by money, or the lifestyle, but instead his passion for providing employment opportunities for as many people as he could. He shared pictures from his phone of his ever growing team, I counted eight staff and he told me he still wanted to hire four more people in the coming months. This man’s passion was to provide for his team, who he considered to be his family.

Most people know their passion but are frustrated in the process of trying to turn it into profit. Some people want to start doing what they love, but they don’t know where to start. A very challenging thing for us because it needs self- reinvention while trying to venture into new things. The reality is though, all we need is the right support, courage, passion, determination, knowledge, and strength to be successful.

Today is the perfect time to make passion your first priority and turn it into profit. Discover your passion, focus on determining the purpose and develop them further without any limitations. When you are passionate about what you do, you will give extraordinary effort to your work. And when you find work that you enjoy, you will never have to work another day in your life.

Here are the five ways to turn your passion into profit:

1.Do-It- Yourself

If you like fashion then you’ll think to be a fashion designer and design your own clothes. If you love painting then you’ll think to become a painter and you’ll have your own gallery for exhibits. Do what you love and turn it into a wake to provide a stable income out of it.

2.Sell It

This is another way to turn passion into profit. For instance, if your passion is painting, you can sell your paintings to those people who love art. If you like fashion then create an online shop and sell your own designer clothes.

3.Talk about It

You can leverage your passion through your knowledge by sharing the information. Creating your own blog is a great example. You can be a speaker at conferences or seminars regarding your passion for expertise. Also, you can create an article, write a book or create courses on topics you are experienced and interested in it, all whilst making money.

4.Offer Advice

As a consultant, you can bring your expertise directly to a client by working with them one- on – one through mentoring. You offer a simplified solution for a particular client or situation. If your passion is for fashion, you could be a working stylist or a style consultant.

5.Build a Community or Event Around It

Gather like-minded and passionate people together, invite other people who compliment your work or your business to showcase their talent and services. Join a community whom you can trust and will do the same with you.

Your perseverance through adversity and your journey to success will all be worth it, and if you are passionate about what you are doing, it won’t feel like work at all. Your passion will be the foundation for what drives your business success.

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