We are all walking our own paths and journeys towards self-discovery and finding our purpose and hopefully living it! The majority of people I speak to share with me that at some moment in their life they have questioned who they are and what their purpose is. I know I’ve asked myself the very same question.

I like to think that life is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. The box the puzzle comes in, displaying the picture, is like our vision; it gives us something to work toward. It’s so important to always keep this picture crystal clear.

Once unpacked, we put all the different types of pieces together in groups; these groups are like our different developmental areas and supporting experiences that colour our life (spiritual, physical, professional, etc); they help us recognise and appreciate our holistic self.

When we start to put the puzzle together we always start with the border. This is because the border defines our limits; it determines our skill sets and focuses our impact. The work inwards is the process; it leads to knowledge of self and a discovery of our purpose.

Too often I speak with business owners who, along with their journey so far, have forgotten their vision. Commonly the reason is that they’ve become a slave to the daily grind of running a business, a family, a household and the general demands of life, and are just getting by on auto-pilot. They’ve forgotten how to have fun and to involve themselves in activities that light them up and inspire and energise them.

Do you keep your vision somewhere where you can look at it so you can remain clear about what you are working towards and what all of your puzzle pieces mean and where they fit?

Vision boards help with clarity, concentration and to maintain your focus on a specific life goal. What’s really cool though, is if you aren’t into creating an old school vision board, there are plenty of apps and software programs available out there so you can keep your vision board on your computer or your mobile device.

I would love to see a picture of your vision board (or jigsaw puzzle box), email it through or share in a comment.

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