You may have noticed that I’ve been setting business challenges lately on my Facebook Business Page. I’ve been coming up ideas to challenge your thinking and get you being creative and coming up ideas to generate more revenue, understand your clients better, streamline the way you do business and ultimately become more profitable.

This week my challenge is for you to identify 10 things you are not measuring in your business that you should be. I encourage you to workshop your ideas with your staff, your managers, your mentor or coach or even your significant other.

You may decide that customer service is a priority for your business and start measuring this. There are many ways of doing this. You could measure:

-the proportion of sales from returning customers
-the time it takes to fill an order
-the number of returned items
-the number of customer complaints received
-the time it takes to respond to an inquiry

Because we all define success differently, it is important to come up with your own ideas. It’s easy enough to know what success means in your personal life but you need to apply a little more logic in the process of measuring success in your business. Simply ‘loving your business’ and ‘enjoying what you do’ won’t help you solidify the future success of your business. To be successful we need to continually step back and review our business, where it stands now, where it is headed and how we can continually improve and build on our foundations.

Here are some more aspects of your business you may want to consider measuring:

-Personal Satisfaction
-Employee Satisfaction
-Your Competitive Stance
-Efforts to Innovate Your Products/Services
-Leads Acquisition/Conversion
-Social Media Success
-Database Growth

Best of luck with the challenge and enjoy the value to your business that comes from carving out time to work on your business rather than in your business every day.Once again, I’ve decided to offer 5 x Free 30min Discovery Sessions, to help you get focused on your business and life, just follow the link to apply

I’m really looking forward to helping you in any way that I can to be more successful in your business and your life!

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