The 5 P’s: A key to taking back control of your Business and Life.
It’s easy to look at where your life is going, and what you’re working on, but you feel as though there’s a disconnect. Where does it come from?
Someone asked me the other day what I do and how it differs from the information they can find on the internet about business. What a great question. On the other hand, I’m sure lots of mentors get asked the same question. There is so much information readily available at our fingertips these days but what information is actually relevant to you and what you need RIGHT NOW to get you to where you want to be. At the same time, I’m working on the 5P’s of business which can surely help the small business entrepreneur to take control of their businesses.

Furthermore, I did a comparison of asking Google and asking Marsha (hehehe, I couldn’t resist), and here are the things I found that the internet can’t give you;

-A plan and a strategy relevant to you and your business
-Extra hours in your week
-Passion and Motivation
-Truth, Awareness, Honesty and Trust
-Improved relationships
-Increased Productivity

Above all, the first and last ones are biggy’s for me and for my clients, we have all come from the horrible place and feeling of being out of control and constantly bandaging things because we either don’t know how to fix it, don’t know where to start or simply lack the time to dedicate to fixing it. We all felt overwhelmed and wanted to take back control of our business and our life.

Likewise, I’ve decided that since we all experience similar things at some point in our business that it was my duty to share my experience and knowledge with small business owners out there. So I’ve come up with a program that will help you to Take Back Control by working on the 5 Key Principles of business, what I like to call, the 5 P’s of business. Here are the 5 P’s in a nutshell.

1.People – You, Your Staff, Your Avatar, Your Tribe
2.Plan – A Goal without a plan is just a wish right… Goals & Actions
3.Productivity – Time management, knowing how you work and your mindset
4.Product – What’s your USP, How will you package your offer, marketing, and delivery
5.Process – Make sure you aren’t bleeding money out of your business! Are there more efficient ways of doing things, do you need to be doing it all yourself?

I’ve worked with one of my gorgeous clients around the 5 P’s and this is the email she sent me the other night.

A year ago, as a small business owner, I felt I was on a treadmill, relentless effort but getting nowhere. I questioned my ability and felt my passion for what I do was slowly dying. Since then, Marsha has worked closely with me to turn things around. She helped me put in place a plan to get the business out of debt, and pushed me to define what I wanted and go for it! For the first time in years, I enjoyed my EOFY visit to the accountant, and he was so impressed with the turnaround. Marsha has helped me focus and look at my business with renewed enthusiasm. Now I can clearly articulate my offerings and am looking at opportunities to broaden my revenue streams. I still have a way to go but feel supported, therefore confident that I will keep improving and growing.

Are you ready to Take Back Control of your business and life? Interested in finding out more about my Take Back Control Program? Shoot me an email and we can make a time to chat more about it. Surely, everyone can get the support they need so don’t sit and contemplate for too long. The first program kicks off on the 31st of July!

P.S I’ve left my gorgeous client’s name off the message intentionally as she has shared some very personal information about her business debt and I would like to respect her privacy.

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