Starting anything new throws up a lot of uncertainty for most of us. The thought of where to start can be overwhelming and hard to overcome. This sometimes results in us never starting at all! One excuse that stops people from starting a task is that they just don’t know where to begin.

Let’s face it, without understanding the rules of the game, it is impossible to know where to start in order to be successful at it. Why not treat your tasks and goals in just the same way. Get a game plan that you understand!

Therefore, take the time to set the framework to reach your goal or desired outcome. In addition, the key is to keep your framework simple and structured and to break your framework into six very clear components:



What is the goal/outcome and what does it look like. Make this a few sentences and keep it simple.


Make a list of all the reasons why it is important to you or your work and how achieving it will benefit you. This way you have something at the ready which you can periodically review to motivate and remind yourself why you are doing this.


What tools/resources will you need? These can be books to read, attending classes, coaches, and mentors, memberships, staff, money, software programs, etc.


Write what you need to achieve so that you can achieve it. Then, if this is not clearly defined then your scope could go on forever. Our scope is in constant change as we achieve dreams and goals and create new bigger and better ones.


Break down your ‘check-points’, what needs to be achieved before the next part can get started.


Set the timeframe for the goal/outcome/project. Apply timeframes to your milestones as well and put them on your calendar!

And there you have it, not only a place to start but also the end in sight!

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