Supercharge your Productivity- A way to become more efficient in our lives!

Most of us are looking for ways to ‘boost your productivity’ or to become ‘more efficient’ in our lives and at work. Let’s face it, it feels good when we achieve things, right? So what are you doing to make sure your operative at your best? Healthy morning routines are important to ensure your productivity every day. Feeding both your mind and your body in the morning produces amazing results.


1.Make time for exercise

A recent study at the University of Bristol’s Department of Exercise, Nutrition and Health Sciences found that people who exercised in the morning or on their lunch break not only were able to better handle the day’s demands but they generally also had a better attitude. A whopping 72% of people who participated in the study reported improvements in their time management on exercise days, 79% said their mental and interpersonal performance was better and 74% said they managed their workload better.

2.Nourish your body

We have all heard the saying “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper”. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. It doesn’t give us the energy to start a new day, but breakfast is linked to many health benefits, including weight control and improved performance. Eating a healthy breakfast can help give you improved concentration and performance throughout the day and more strength and endurance to engage in the physical and mental activity.

3.Take time to meditate

In such a crazy busy world it is so important to find some quiet. A lot of people get caught up in the hype around meditation. You don’t need to chant, sit cross-legged in a yoga position or even be religious or spiritual. Just sit on a chair, allow yourself to relax and follow your breath. Your thoughts will naturally slow down.

4.Take time to plan and prioritise

Taking 15 to 30 minutes to organise your diary that can save your hours on low-value tasks and interruptions. To prioritise your tasks are important to help you achieve your goals in meeting your deadlines. Then, block out time during ‘your’ most productive time to complete them.
It’s like maintaining a swimming pool, you need to use the right combination of chemicals to maintain the perfect balance in the water.

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