It’s amazing insights it can give to ride on a bus. I had the pleasure of using our public transport system today, quite a novel experience for a human like me who drives everywhere.

My girlfriend drops me to the bus stop and as it was an experience for me want to take a photo of me getting on the bus to capture the moment (yes, our inner children were at play). So, I paused as I boarded the bus to smile for her photo only to have the driver raise his at me as we’re already running late. Really, I paused and smiled, not really a significant hold-up. I was actually taken aback by his behavior.

A few minutes later a young girl boarded the bus shaking in her boots. Then, she explains to the driver that her parents had dropped her off but she left the transport card in the car. She was holding out what change she had scraped together from her bag and trying to explain that she had a friend boarding in a few stops. Then, she could fix up the difference when the driver started yelling at her. Naturally, I leaped to my feet and offered to pay, he got even angrier and yelled at us both to sit down. The rest of my journey I got to witness the driver abuse.

In addition, I got to witness how the driver abuses an 80 something-year-old lady, also drive straight past a man waiting for him to stop (I hope the man didn’t have a job interview or something important he was now going to miss because the driver was in such a hurry) on our journey. This got me thinking.

So often we go on ‘autopilot’ in life, both at home and in our jobs. We forget that someone might be experiencing a first, or nervous about something, or dying inside of embarrassment and just needing a little understanding and patience.

Even worse, when we are operating from autopilot we miss out on the experiences life has to offer. Like the joy that comes from helping someone, or giving to someone, or making someone smile.

We are human beings, not human doings and it about time we all start acting like it!

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