Nowadays, we communicate in many different ways. We write emails, facilitate meetings, participate in conference and webinars, create reports, through presentations, via social media… the list goes on. It is crucial that we communicate effectively. This is to ensure that you can achieve your goals. Good communication can foster a good working relationship with your staff, which can improve the efficiency of your company.

Whether it is home, at work or socially, when you do n’t know how to effectively communicate with others you can end up losing valuable time or more importantly, never get your message across. It is important to be aware of how you communicate so that valuable time does not get wasted. Remember that the time you spend with people is beneficial for everyone. However think about the point you are trying to get across, prepare what you have to say, consider the effects of what you have to say, and deliver what you need to say effectively. Everyone needs to think before they speak, to avoid conflict or misunderstanding with the message you’re trying to deliver.

By communicating effectively we can we provide a huge boost to our productivity, we just need to make sure that we communicate in the clearest, most effective way possible. For instance in the business world, to communicate clearly is one of the assets that we should consider in persuading clients for negotiation.

Furthermore, if you want to ensure that you can attain your goals. I recommend running through the 7 C’s of communication. According to the 7 Cs, communication needs to be:

1. Clear

When you’re communicating with someone you need to be clear about it. Try to minimise your ideas by choosing the relevant one.

2. Concise

Your audience wants you to be direct on what you’re trying to express. But their time is precious so you need to consider ‘KISS’ means Keep It Short and Simple.


Make sure that your audience can picture out on what you’re telling them. It should be solid from the start supported by vivid facts.

4. Correct

You should know your audience register of language so that it will not be difficult for them to relate to what you’re talking about.


You should consider the consistency of the tone and the flow of the text for it to be relevant.

6. Complete

You need to be sure that you covered all the ‘Wh & H’ questions. It should include a ‘call to action’ so that your audience knows.


You should be friendly, open and honest. Also, consider your audience’s viewpoint in mind so that you can give their needs.

Indeed, you can get a great result in your business if you’re going to follow the 7 C’s of communication. We know that all of us are using these tools to have a mutual intelligibility within our society. Therefore, if we better communicate, then the more credibility we’ll have with our clients, our boss, and our colleagues.

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