I don’t want to alarm you, but the end of financial year is upon us (and there are only 184 days until Christmas!)

This means its review time! Or as I like to call it, ‘checkpoint!’, yes I have spent many hours of my life listening to my husband and kids play console games and so ‘checkpoint’ just makes sense to me.

It’s time to take stock on how you went this financial year, did you reach your targets and your goals both financially and personally? I’ve shared a testimonial below with you from one of my gorgeous clients who is really feeling the benefits of reviewing and planning this year.

Before I started working with Marsha I knew I needed to make some changes in my business so I could continue to grow, however, I was feeling overwhelmed and unsupported and the thought of taking the next step of hiring staff was a daunting one, so I reached out to Marsha to get some support. Since working with Marsha I have improved the systems in my business, tightened up my time management, successfully hired and trained staff and have some exciting new marketing strategies in place. More importantly, I have support now! As a result of this, I have just had the biggest month in my business to date and am really excited about what we have planned for the future. If you want to get some support and get your business back into shape or get a plan for the future then I suggest you take some action and get in contact with Marsha. – Sonya Jacobson, Your Bookkeeping Angel

When you know what you are going for looks like, what actions you need to take and most importantly when you need to take them, you are more likely to achieve. Set some time aside to plan and priorise for the year ahead. Statistics have shown that approximately 20% of our population set goals and of those people, a staggering 70% fail to achieve them. Don’t let yourself fall into this statistic! We all have an inner drive which constantly propels us to realise our dreams, so take the time to make the most of yourself and your business and plan for the coming financial year so you too can achieve results in your business just like Sonya is achieving.
Book in with me for a strategy session so we can review and plan and make sure the coming financial year is your best yet!

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