I absolutely love going to soccer games! Without a doubt, standing in amongst the most passionate of supporters floats my boat! I love that the support for a team and the passion for the game can keep a crowd on their feet chanting for a full 90 minutes plus extra time either side of the game in the streets. Equally, I love that I get the opportunity to work with people in reigniting their passion and aligning it with their purpose for their work or showing people how they can be financially rewarded for following their passion.

I hear some of you saying, what is this follow your passion, find your purpose BS that everyone is banging on about. It’s simple really, your passion and your purpose in life are what you find yourself effortlessly spending every spare minute focused on. It’s what the articles reflect that you are naturally reading because they have caught your attention. It’s the conversations you have that make you sit up to tell them, put excitement in your voice, ignite a fire in your belly and a smile on your face when you talk. Or it’s the things you see or hear that pull at the old heartstrings and bring a tear to your eye.

Have you aligned your focus with your passion and your purpose? How do you do that? With this simple equation,

align your focus (focus = what you place attention on a day-to-day, your job, your hobbies, and the main areas that you place your attention on) to your purpose (purpose = your mission in life, your vision and what you want to do in your life).

By the definition of productivity, you should be working on things that bring you closer to your dreams, aspirations, vision and goals. It’s like getting an alignment on your car tyres, the ride is going to be so much smoother with less wear and tear.

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