Visibility equals Accountability and Recognition towards Great Management!

Have you ever wonder what your staff gets up to all day? One notable thing, I have observed across so many businesses is the effect of making processes visible, it makes everyone accountable. Once your processes are defined and documented you set a very clear expectation for all involved in the process and very quickly you can identify where the process needs tweaking and sometimes who needs tweaking.

But how do you go about making things visible and your staff accountable without making them feel judged or like they are being micromanaged? The key is you assist your staff in embracing visibility, not only for better rewards but most importantly, for recognition of a job well done and their contribution to your business.

Disengagement costs Australia a staggering $32 billion in lost productivity every year, and only 18 percent of Australians love their work! Crazy! In addition, 77% of employees would consider leaving their current job if they weren’t recognised enough for their contribution. With the cost to replace someone estimated at 150 percent of their salary, this can be a huge (and unnecessary) cost to the business.

One more interesting stat to note is that companies with a highly engaged workforce are 70% more likely to have higher productivity, and enjoy higher profitability.

Getting your processes right and making them visible is like cleaning a fish tank, you need to be able to see what’s behind the glass to really appreciate it.

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